Apartment Rentals


Athabasca Tower - Apartment Rental - Moose Jaw

Athabasca Tower Apartments

$980 – $1260/month + $60/month parking
Avens Arms - Apartments - Moose Jaw

Avens Arms Apartments

$625 – $890/month
Moose Jaw Real Estate - Avens Manor Apartments – 31 Avens Road

Avens Manor Apartments

$700 – $900/month
Kimberly Ann - Moose Jaw Apartment Rental

Kimberly Ann Apartments

$745 – $855/month + $50/month parking
Park Manor Apartments - Moose Jaw Apartment Rental

Park Manor Apartments

$615/month + $30/month parking
Willowdale Court Apartments - Moose Jaw

Willowdale Court Apartments

$960 – $1055/month

Looking for Tenant Insurance?

Moose Jaw Tennant Insurance - Apartment Insurance - Rental InsuranceNot many renters are aware of just how important tenant insurance really is. While a landlord's insurance will cover the building, your belongings will not be covered, nor will it cover any of your personal liability needs. Our brokers at Ottawa Real Estate Co Ltd - Moose Jaw Insurance can help you design a custom policy to fit your specific insurance needs. Did you know if you accidentally started a fire or left taps on resulting in water damage you will be held liable?

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