Today’s threats to business extend to the internet and beyond. Having cyber insurance is the best way to minimize the implications that cyber threats, data breaches, and potential privacy violations present. Moose Jaw cyber insurance provides your company with exceptional protection from the financial implications related to these very real, sometimes common risks.

Cyber Insurance and Risk Management

Even small business owners need to consider the importance of cyber liability insurance in today’s world. If you take credit card or bank payments, gather customer information through cloud-connected platforms, handle transactions online, or store company information on a server, you are at risk. And, your customers are as well. The goal of cyber liability insurance is to provide a layer of professional liability insurance that extends further and offers more protection from these internet and media risks. Even with cyber security in place, the risks of exposing customer data is very real.

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?

Policies are specific to the individual company’s needs. However, our Moose Jaw cyber insurance offers protections such as:

  • Financial loss related to electronic activities including managing, selling or collecting data
  • Data breaches where consumer privacy is at risk, such as credit card or identification information exposure
  • Coverage for notifications, credit monitoring, and reputation management
  • Fines and penalties associated with regulation violations
  • Costs to defend against claims

Having Errors and Omissions insurance is a good start, but specific cyber liability insurance is essential. It offers a comprehensive level of protection and professional liability that could define your company’s ability to continue operating after a risk occurs.

Ultimately, cyber risks exist in every business environment today. You simply need to minimize the risk that a costly lawsuit or claim could shutter your company. With Moose Jaw cyber liability insurance, you finally gain the protection you need. Contact us today to receive a free quote for this affordable, comprehensive level of protection.