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Moose Jaw Surety InsuranceMoose Jaw Surety Insurance

Surety InsuranceA surety assures the obligee that the principal will fulfill the contractual obligation. We offer the following bonds:



Contract Bonds

A contract bond guarantees a surety to a project owner, typically in the construction industry, that a general contractor will abide by their contract. These include:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Surety Letter (Consent of surety)
  • Performance bond
  • Labour and material bonds


Commercial Surety Bonds

Commercial surety bonds cover some of the bond types considered necessary for government regulations or statutes related to the courts. A few types include:

  • Licence and miscellaneous surety bonds
  • Service bonds
  • Administration or Fiduciary bonds
  • Lost-Securities bonds

Fidelity Bonds

A fidelity bond is a financial guarantee to an employer against loss caused by the dishonesty of an employee. There are 2 types of Fidelity bonds:

  • Blanket position bonds
  • Commercial blanket bond
  • Blanket position bond
  • Named-Scheduled fidelity bonds

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